Anger.. What to do when Anger becomes your first emotion

We have all been angry at some point in our lives. The real question is how do we deal with it when are faced with this crippling emotion. So many times in my personal life I can replay and recall my most angriest times and emotions or even state of mind, if you want to call it that. Why is that, you may ask? It’s because anger leaves us with a negative result, and makes us regret our decisions. Especially the decisions that are made in anger. The Bible shows us how to deal with our anger and even leads and gives us a guideline on how to deal with it. Proverbs 29:11 AMP says; A [shortsighted] fool always loses his temper and displays his anger, But a wise man [uses self-control and] holds it back. So if anger makes a fool, I think we shouldn’t allow its grip to hold us.

Here are my 5 Tips to beat ANGER:

  1. Take 5 deep breaths, deep breathing allows you to reset and clear your mind when feeling tense and you are mad.
  2. Take a walk
  3. Exercise
  4. When you are calm talk it out with a friend, family member or even the person who got you angry
  5. Pause and think is this worth it? What consequences will I face? How will this affect my future?

Hope this found you well…

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Congratulations to Rihanna For Becoming THE WEALTHIEST FEMALE MUSICIAN

Blog Post #7

This is some exciting information about RiRi. She is one of the most talented musicians period! Her love for music and fashion has driven her straight to the top, and soaring in the sky looking for more. Rihanna’s music career started off in 2005 when she signed for Def Jam music. At age 16.

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Sigh, the dreaded question what are you doing next? I don’t know, and it’s okay to not understand sometimes. Main reason being is because sometimes uncertainty, doubt and indecision can lead to the best break of your life! Look at people who left college to pursue a career elsewhere and were able to reap the fruits of their labor. Well I can’t speak for everyone, but I can speak for myself. I know what I am capable of and how to go about it. And with this blogpost this will be your step by step guide on how to do it.

  1. Never doubt your gut
  2. Stick to what you know, do it and do it best!
  3. Forget about all the outside noise.
  4. Be consistent once a solid decision is made
  6. Prepare for failure and short comings
  7. Be prepared to wait
  8. Quality takes time
  9. Always read and study the market/competition.
  10. Follow your dreams.

I am pretty sure that you could make it if you follow my formulated 10 steps, it’ll help because, people fail because a lack of knowledge. Don’t be that group of people please don’t! Success is for those who want it bad enough! There’s a billion bags out here to secure so go out and get em’! #SECURETHEBAGALERT2019!

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The Leader vs. the Followers

Blog Post #6

Hello everyone what’s going on? I am now officially slowly starting to become more consistent with this blogging game, so you will be hearing from me a lot more. More content coming more views and perspectives. Be sure to reach out to the link above, which will directly lead you to all social media pages on my blog page and let me know what you think. Without saying too much let’s get started. In my opinion when it comes to the whole perspective about leaders and followers I feel that being a leader comes with its challenges. A small handful of people do not want to be a leader but once you start, and become gaining ground and getting recognized as a leader that is when everyone wants to follow and find out what this person is actually doing. That’s how the greats have started, Bill Gates, Oprah, Steve Jobs, and Warren Buffet this list can go on and on. Most importantly if I drive home anything with this post I must mention this, the difference between the leader and a follower is the dream, vision and goals that they have. Now, a small minded individual vs. an individual who is outside the box thinker is their vison. I use the word vision because that is what leaders are known for, how they can create something out of nothing when no one sees it. This is something that I feel is so very true, people love the dream, but hate the work/process that goes with the dream. “How can you be a dream chaser, and not get on the track and chase that very dream/goal that you want.”- Anonymous. Let’s look at the follower now shall we? The follower isn’t pro-active, they always need to be motivated in order to get tasks done. The leader on the other hand takes initiative and has a strong work ethic, the follower is lazy and goes wherever the wind blows them. The leader steps out and creates paths and walks on them before anyone else. Now the mindset of the leader and follower. The follower’s mindset is “oh I can’t do this, it’s too difficult!” as opposed to the leaders mind set which is; “I haven’t done this but let’s give it a shot”. As I wrap this blog post up I hope I was able to put these two types of individuals into perspective for you. Be sure to follow me on the social media platforms the links are up at the top of this page. Let’s learn to become Leader’s in everything that we do!  Peace!

4 Keys: The Game Plan

Blog Post #5

Hello everyone, I know it’s been a while since I have posted. Good news, I am back after a long hiatus. With this post I intend to give you the keys on how to improve and better yourself in life. With these 4 keys that I will be sharing with you all. Hopefully you enjoy what I have to share and it helps you in whatever you use these keys for in life.

A little while back I was writing in my journal, and I was asking myself a question what is it that I want to work on? In life specifically speaking personally in my daily life in how I approach the daily; tasks, goals and various other things that I want to accomplish. Then I came up with these 4 Keys as I like to call them and a following action plan, on how to get started with them. Without further ado here they are 4 Keys called “The Game Plan”.

  1. Discipline
  2. Character
  3. Thoughts
  4. Attitude

1.  Discipline: In life it’s inevitable that we must be disciplined. Some people cannot speak for the majority lack discipline and that can become detrimental to one’s life especially when wanting to accomplish a goal or a certain task in life. With that being said discipline in my opinion, is the cousin of success. Now here is the action plan, to become successful with discipline.

#1 Train yourself to be better by accomplishing small tasks daily.

#2 Make yourself aware of what needs to be done by sticking to a specific and deliberate plan/routine, that will keep you busy and focused.

2. Character: Character definitely needs to be developed and worked on always, doesn’t matter who you are. You are a product of your choices and your choices will shape your character. Here is the action plan.

#1 Feed yourself with things of substance in order to maintain a good character; positive messages, positive thinking, gratitude, cultivating and partaking in a thankful attitude.

#2 Make it your mission to work hard at everything it is that you do. So that you can build a strong work ethic, and become respected at whatever it is that you do.

3. Thoughts: Thoughts are what/who you are. “as a man thinks so is he”. A simple Biblical principle. Action plan.

#1 Re-wire your thinking daily and make it a habit.

#2 Always think positive, think of who you see yourself becoming, then work it into existence then eventually everything will fall into place.

#3 Think success constantly, think your goals, and they will become a part of who are.

4. Attitude: An Attitude can say a lot about an individual. An individual’s attitude can either make or break a person or an opportunity, so always work on having a better attitude. Remember attitude is key!

#1 Think before you speak

#2 Be open minded towards life, that counts for new opportunities and situations.


#4 Look on the positive side of things and every situation, always remember there is always a good in every situation.

#5 Think, Pause, Speak!


Dr. Eric Thomas’ 10 Rules For Success

Blog Post #4

These nuggets were taken from motivational speaker Dr. Eric Thomas. (I do not own any of these ideas or sayings, all credit to Dr. Eric Thomas).

  1. Know What You Want!
  2. Work On Your Gift
  3. No Excuses
  4. Upgrade Your Values
  5. You Reap What You Sow
  6. Education Is The Great Equalizer
  7. What’s Your Why?
  8. Have Boundries
  9. Speak From The Heart
  10. Succeed As Bad As You Want To Breathe!

In life we must know what we want or else we will spend our precious time energy and resources walking around aimlessly and not achieving our goals.

Work on the gift/talent that has been deposited within you. The world needs it!

No excuses, excuses are the friend of failure.

Upgrade your values… You don’t go into a Rolls-Royce dealership asking for Honda Civic Prices.

You reap what you sow, you get out what you put in. All effort that you put into this life is what you would eventually get out.. sooner or later.

Educate yourself. because knowledge is power and when you are educated you can do a lot, go places you’ve never been before and find something within you that hasn’t yet been discovered.

Why do you do what you do in life? What motivates you to keep going at your job, your hobby etc.

Set Boundaries,  somethings and people don’t need to be in your life. If they aren’t adding or multiplying to your life they need to go.

Speak from the heart, be honest and true with whatever it is that you do in life at all times.

Make sure that your drive to succeed is as bad as you want to breathe, always have a desire for success, and doing well in life.

Never Say Never (Doubts)

Blog Post #3

Never say you can’t do something because, at that point you have already lost the battle. The first step is to recognize where the first point or barrier you may face. Which is the doubt in your mind. See Your mind can tell you a lot! I can’t do this job, I’m not qualified, this is too hard. etc. In this instance, we have to know that first off anything we really would like to do in life is possible as long as we work hard toward it, can be achieved. Doubts are something so small but at the same time hold so much weight. To the point where our goals that we wanted to achieve 5 years ago still have not been met. With that being said we should try our hardest to remove/ignore doubts. Press through and overcome them, so we can eventually achieve what we are destined to achieve.